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[INTERVIEW] Kwon Sang-woo - Part 2

10: I understand that you communicated with director Lee Jae-han in many ways too.
Kwon: I think it becomes difficult when the actor has to play a character which does not suit him and when he does not understand the movie. The reason I was able to have fun shooting this film although it was tough was because I suited me well. It seemed that the director judged that my idea of my character fit his idea of the character.

10: Were you not bored on set because it was all guys?
Kwon: No. It was actually more fun because it was just guys. There were many characters and my senior actors were a lot of fun too -- I had a lot of fun. And the city we were shooting in was small so eating and having a drink was our source of pleasure. With Cha Seung-won, we would look over what has been shot, tell each other what's good and also talk about things other than the movie. It's disappointing that we don't get to see each other much after returning to Seoul.

10: I think you'd feel different about wars after shooting a war movie.
Kwon: I took part in a war in simulation through a movie but it's something that shouldn't happen in real life. I went to the Hiroshima war museum in Japan and what I saw was horrendous. Wars these days are not like back in the days and like what happened during the Korean War. It moved my heart to see that such young people were sacrificed and I think young people these days would do the same if they were put in the same situation. I think patriotism is an emotion that everyone has in a corner of their heart. I think a lot of people will watch the movie because it'll stir that emotion.

10: You were told at the screening at Stanford University that you resemble James Dean when your character smokes.
Kwon: I actually can't smoke. And I told myself that I would never smoke again after having to in this film. (laugh) I don't smoke it in the first place for my health. But I'm grateful to hear that I look like James Dean. (laugh)

10: Actors refer to a lot of information to focus on their characters. Is there any information in particular that you looked into regarding student soldiers?
Kwon: I think such things don't help. It's important to have emotions and feeling. I think acting is a plan that you set up within yourself. And it has to work well. You're the one that has to work and it's important how you approach and focus on what's in the scenario.

10: You must be under a different determination with your son Rookie coming into the world.
Kwon: I really missed him when we were filming. But it was the thoughts about him that helped me to shoot the movie. It's an emotion that only people who have married and have had a child before can understand. The feeling that I'll be able to sacrifice for him if I'm in an extreme situation. I feel no different in how I engage but I do want to do a good job and show it to Rookie.

10: You must've gone through a lot of distress too because there was so much talk surrounding your marriage.
Kwon: It hasn't shaken me up enough to call it distressing. What did we do wrong? All we did was marry because we loved each other. We didn't commit a crime. I don't care about what's on the Internet either. My happiness comes from going home and spending time with my mom, wife and son Rookie. (laugh)

10: Is there a way in which you overcome slumps?
Kwon: I don't think there is a particular time that one experiences slumps but that it's rather dependent on the success or failure of a movie or drama role. A slump is something that you cannot shake off nor erase from your memory. We live in a cold-hearted world and I was in a slump these past few years because none of my productions did well. Actors can't help paying attention to such things. The movies or dramas that didn't do well, didn't do well for several reasons and I think I should be more careful in making selections now in order to avoid making the same mistake again. Things have not been going so great for me so this one has to do well. (laugh)

10: The audience are also looking forward to you playing a role again in a romantic comedy film like "My Tutor Friend."
Kwon: I think there's a timing for those. And I think they're not in these days but I do want to do one again if there's a good scenario. And I think I'd do well at it too. There are so many things that I still want to do. I want to also try doing a sad comedy and a sad love story.

10: What sort of actor do you want to be remembered as by people?
Kwon: I hope I'm remembered as an actor whose work the audience looks forward to rather than an actor who acts well. I think that's what I need to hear for now.

Reporter : Won Sung-yoon
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[INTERVIEW] Kwon Sang-woo - Part 1

Kwon Sang-woo is back to wearing a school uniform. He who placed films "My Tutor Friend" and "The Spirit of Jeet Kun Do" atop the local box office with roles as a high school student, is back as a student soldier full of rebelliousness in "71 Into the Fire" about the Korean War. Now a father of a son, a school uniform might have not been the right character for him to play. But in "Fire," based on the true story of 71 student soldiers who fought against one of the most elite troops of the North Korean army, Kwon's eyes and expressions are the very eyes and expressions of a student soldier full of vehemence. The wailing directed to the oppressive system of Korean high schools that his character Hyun-soo let out in "Jeet Kun Do," has taken on an intensity that goes between life and death to save his country and his colleagues. 10Asia sat down to speak with Kwon who says the sacrifices the student soldiers made was "noble and heartbreaking."

10: How did you feel after the first press screening for the movie?

Kwon Sang-woo: It's honestly up to the heavens to decide whether something will make it big or not. But I have faith that it won't turn a blind eye on us. (laugh) I like the emotions that films contain. The death of the student soldiers will touch your heart as you go towards the end.

10: Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P) seemed to cry a lot while watching the movie.

Kwon: Yes, he cried quite a lot. (laugh) But I understand how he feels because "71 Into the Fire" is his first film. I think I knew nothing either when I was his age. How the tears flowed after I shot my last action scene in "Spirit of Jeet Kun Do." I think that might be what he felt.

10: I heard you had a hard time with the filming because it was so cold this winter.

Kwon: We shot from last November to early April and it was so cold. When we shot the scene in the field of reeds, the wind was so strong that our tent flew away. And we'd feel heavy because we'd be wearing two sets of long johns each while sweating at the same time so it was quite tough.

10: Do you think that once again, the film will do well because you're wearing a school uniform for your role? It's happened everytime so far. And are you not concerned, as an actor, that your character will become fixed in such a way?

Kwon: I think people see me in that way because the movies I've worn school uniforms in have always been successful. I don't know, maybe I should star in movies where I wear a school uniform all the time. (laugh)

10: Let's talk about the movie. Student soldier Koo Gap-jo is a rebellious person but gradually changes.

Kwon: You can consider Choi's character as the narrator of the film and the one-dimensional main character while Koo is the character who is led by his own emotions when the main incident of the movie starts. He goes through very strong emotional ups and downs and I paid a lot of attention to it because he's an important character to the film. You can take it that the film actually starts when he loses his friend and goes crazy.

10: Your character Koo Gap-jo takes charge of the other student soldiers with his physical strength. Were you ever similar to him in any way when you were younger?

Kwon: I had fun but I never stepped out of line. I was goofy but I was classy about the things I did. (laugh) I also studied enough while fighting and goofing off to the extent that it would go unnoticed. I was famous for being the strongest guy in our school up till elementary school but the kids started growing really fast in middle school... they grew very tall and that's when I started getting beat up a lot. (laugh)

10: Then it must have significance to you in doing a movie in a school setting with such memories about your schooldays.

Kwon: It does have significance. "Jeet Kun Do" had significance to me in that I played a role in a school which is the miniature version of society and "Fire" too because I had to play the role of a student soldier who sacrifices his life for his country and embrace a much larger society -- namely North and South Korea.

10: The emotions between Oh Jang-beom (played by Choi Seung-hyun) and Koo Gap-jo (Kwon Sang-woo) change in the final scene when they fight against the North Korean army.

Kwon: I considered that scene to be the most important because it introduces Koo's background. It is where the one of the larger themes emerges -- that he wasn't a student but he was happy to be one after volunteering for it to save his country. That was the saddest moment for me and it really touched my heart. I personally think the scene itself was played out better than it was written in the scenario. I think the acting, expression and emotions were all expressed well.

10: Is that what attracted you to "Fire"?

Kwon: I wouldn't have done it if it was a typical war movie. It was refreshing in that it was about student soldiers and their death was noble and heartbreaking. I think that's what differentiated it the most. Those who have never used a gun before have to shoot them and they face off the North Korean People's Army with eggs. I think that's the strength of our film. It may come off as a blockbuster because of the large budget that went into it but it's actually a story-oriented film. The story was what attracted me rather than the visuals that would go into it.

Reporter : Won Sung-yoon
Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@
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Lee Jun Ki to Star in Military Musical

yay a a musical with two of my favorites, pure heaven, can't wait to see pics and fancams ^^

A musical co-produced by the Korea Musical Theatre Association and the Ministry of National Defense will star Lee Jun Ki, according to a press release made on Thursday by the musical’s PR Manager.

“Voyage of Life” is a musical commemorating the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. The storyline was inspired by two actual incidents that occurred during the war: the Jangjin battle (a terrible and horrific defeat) and the Heungnam Evacuation Operation (an evacuation that saved 14,000 refugees). Renowned musical producer Yun Ho Jin will act as the chief executive director alongside popular musical director, Kwon Ho Sung.

The musical is set to run at the National Theater of Korea from August 21 to August 29. The cast also includes other actors currently serving in the military, such as Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Da Hyun, as well as current military officers.

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Kim Hyun Joong First Love Story Photobook & DVD pics

saw these pics in dear Liezle's blog, i had to post them too, kekeke, wonder why, it's simple cos
so sexy, classy, dashing, *faint*


SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon and Park Jung Min at 21st Golden Melody Awards

It was a rainy evening at the 21st Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan on June 26th but the show has to go on, with attendees attending the red carpet event with umbrellas. Among the attendees were Kim Hyung Joon and Park Jung Min of SS501 who came as promised to present an award together with Ken Chu. The other 3 members of SS501 didn’t make the trip because of other commitments. So fans will have to be satisifed with just the prize giving and no performance.

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Lee Minho fanmeeting The Special day With Minoz

news from kbites

Lee MinHo at “One special day with MinHo” Fan Meeting!
Posted on June 20, 2010 by imuyachan

On June 20,2010 popular actor Lee MinHo greeted his fans “Minoz” through a fan meeting held at Kyung Hee University, Seoul.

The event with the title “2010, The Special Day With Minoz – One special day with Minho” started at 15:00 local time.

Gag man Yoon HyungBin (popular with his gag character Wang Biho) is the MC for the event whilst many celebrities are spotted on stage performing with (for) Lee MinHo at the event, such as : 2AM and SeeYa. Close friends KimBum and Jung IlWoo were also seen at the fan meeting as the best friends celebrated Lee MinHo’s advance birthday which supposed to be celebrated on June 22,2010. Lee MinHo also gets a surprise guest, Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng who came and gave him a birthday gift at the event.

Meanwhile, another fan meeting is also scheduled to be held on Aug 28,2010 under the theme of “Pink Play concert” which will be taking place at Sheraton Walker Hill River Park Hotel , Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.

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Kim Hyun Joong in Arenta coliseum concert


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06.18.10 [Asiae] Lee Jung-jin joins Rain, Lee Na-young for “Fugitive”

Korean actor Lee Jung-jin has joined Rain and Lee Na-young as the main cast of upcoming KBS TV series “The Fugitive,” according to his agency Jambo Entertainment on Friday.

Jambo announced that the actor will be playing the role of Do-soo, an ambitious investigator who chases after Rain and Lee’s character regarding a mysterious incident.

“Undoubtedly I am lucky to be getting to take part in the drama ‘The Fugitive,’” the actor was quoted as saying. “I will make a very strong impression on the viewers who have high expectations.”

Filming for “Fugitive,” about a hefty sum of money popping up sixty years after it disappeared in times of the Korean War, will take place in various Asian cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Shanghai, Beijing, Macau and Hong Kong.

The series will be directed by noted television producer Kwak Jung-hwan and written by Chun Sung-il, who collaborated on the recent hit TV series “The Slave Hunters” earlier this year.

Lee, 32, made his debut in 1998 through popular sitcom “Soonpoong Clinic” (SBS, 1998) and has since starred in many television dramas and films including “9 End 2 Outs” (MBC, 2007), “Love Story in Harvard (SBS, 2004)” and “Mapado” (2005).

He is currently a regular cast member in the popular variety show segment “Qualification of a Man” on KBS2 TV’s “Happy Sunday.”

Source: Asiae

more pics of Lee Junki at KAFRN Friend Dream Concert

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more pics of Lee Junki at Korean Armed Forces Radio Network Friend Dream Concert

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Private Lee Junki at Korean Armed Forces Radio Network Friend Dream Concert

Actor Lee Junki who recently enlisted in the Korean army, met actor Jo In Sung, who is now a corporal, for the first time since enlisting early last month. This photo of Lee Junki bowing to Jo In Sung drew much attention because it showed the difference in their ranks.

Earlier today, celebrities currently serving in the military gathered together for the Korean Armed Forces Radio Network Friend ’ Dream Concert. This event was held at the Seoul Plaza and the MCs of the night were entertainer Boom and actor Kim Jae Won. Participants included: Shinhwa’s Andy, H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn, DJ Tukutz, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, UN’s Kim Jung Hoon.
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Actor Song Seung-heon jury at the 9th International Short Film Festival

yay so nice, Seunie as Jury, woahhh hot Jury ever, kekekeke

news credit bntnews translated by me
Song Seung Heon fesival jury at the 9th International Short Film Festival, from June 24-July 1, at the CGV Apgujeong in Seoul, the Film Festival Jury will attend the official opening ceremony and are scheduled to be awarded.
domestic competition screening of 61 short films taking over, as well as the official festival events,

Kim Hyun Joong arrives in the Philippines for concert with BEAST

Hyun Joong landed in Manilla this 18th for a concert with Beast , saw some fancams, leader was wearing white suit, like a prince charming, his hair style was like the one he has for love ya performances, read fanaccounts too of dear Liezle, Katkat, Hyunjeree, lucky ladies, touching and emotional fanaccounts, that bring tears to my eyes, thakls gals you're the best ^^

here's an article from allkpop he forgot his shades so he bought ones at the duty free shop at the airport, so cute, love his outift, his hair, everything, ahhhh melting

SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong has touched down in Manila, Philippines on the 18th, ahead of his solo performance at a concert tomorrow evening.

He had been invited along with fellow K-Pop group, BEASTfor the K-Pop meets P-Pop concert which is for the benefit of young mothers on June 19th at the Araneta Coliseum. Local P-Pop artists, XLR8 and POP GIRLS, will also be performing tomorrow night.

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F3 attend Goo Hye Sun’s Magic movie premiere

After much anticipation and delays, the VIP premiere for Goo Hye Sun’s movie, Magic was finally underway on June 16th, a week before the movie’s public opening.

There is much anticipation for the movie because Goo Hye Sun is not just acting in the movie, but also producing, directing and writing songs. This is also Goo Hye Sun’s first full-length movie after her successful short film, The Cheerful Caretaker last year. Magic focuses on young musicians in love.

A list of fellow stars attended the premiere which include 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Lee Young Ja, Park Ji Bin, Kim Joon, Choi Kang Hee, Gummy, Nam Sang Mi, Kim Bum, Lee Minho, Yang Hyun Suk among others. The movie will open from June 24th.

credit Allkpop