Saturday, July 31, 2010

2PM concert pix are out ^^

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Shinee pics at KBS cool fm with Lee Tuk and Eun Hyuk ^^


2PM concert poster ^^

July 31 19:00 Olympic Park ♥♥♥♥♥♥ can't wait for pics and fancams ^^
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Se7en M! Countdown pics with TOP ♥♥♥♥♥♥

yay a great day, awesome performances and a even awesome win, soo happy for Se7en ^^
check the hotness, ^^

Se7en returns to M! Countdown with a #1 win

After being away from the kpop scene for so long, YG Entertainment soloist and kpop veteran performer Se7en has finally returned to the scene on today’s M! Countdown!

With Taeyang kicking things off for YG family’s summer sessions, Se7en brings some extra funk back with dual performances of Better Together and Digital Bounce. Both tracks have enough beats to get you going, but with the addition of Big Bang’s T.O.P in the Digital Bounce performance, things just managed to get even hotter! YG family and Se7en are definitely heating up the summer, so it should be no surprise that they’re already making a name for themselves on iTunes charts.

And having just released his album last week, Se7en comes back with a bang as he claims #1 on M! Countdown tonight, edging out last week’s winner, miss A by 39 points.

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SHINee unveils pictures from backstage

Korean idols SHINee uploaded backstage photographs of themselves on a fan website on Wednesday.

The group unveiled four photographs from the webpage ( which show the members in their waiting rooms backstage of three different televised music programs in recording.

In the photo, each member is posing cutely while making a V-sign with their hands, while the other images show the group in the band's new fashion concept for their second full-length album “LUCIFER.”

SHINee, composed of Minho, Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin, made their debut in 2008 with their first-mini album "Replay." They have several music hits under their belt including "Older Girl, You're So Pretty," "Juliette" and "Ring Ding Dong."

The five-member boy band recently returned to the music scene, releasing their second studio album titled "LUCIFER" on July 19 and gave their comeback performance four days later on KBS' Friday music program "Music Bank."

The title track "LUCIFER" has fared well on online and offline music charts.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Se7en will be running for Running Man

Se7en is all set to begin album promotions from this week and it was revealed today that he will also be attending variety shows as part of his promotions.

And among them will be SBS Running Man which was confirmed by PD Jo Hyo Jin, “Se7en will be filming for Running Man next week. It will be his first time on a variety show in Korea for a long time but we believe that he will do well to provide laughter for our viewers.” YG Entertainment also confirmed the news and expressed that they are currently arranging for Se7en to appear on other top performing variety shows with reference to his schedule.

Se7en will have his first comeback stage through M! Countdown on July 29th.

Philip Lee to work with Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden, SBS’s new weekend series

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Seoul, Korea – Actor Philip Lee will play the role of a man head-over-heels in love with Ha Ji Won’s character in a new SBS series to air on weekends.

Lee, who has played some very colorful roles in the past, including parts in The Legend and A Man’s Story, is back in the spotlight with SBS’s new series Secret Garden, written by Eun Sook Kim and directed by Woo Cheol Shin.

Philip Lee plays the role of a martial arts director who introduced Hollywood-style martial arts action to the Korean film industry and is Kil Ra Im’s martial arts master. Kil Ra Im is played by Ha Ji Won.

In the series, Lim is Korea’s take on Hugh Jackman, with well-toned musculature and darkly tanned skin, who is proficient in action scenes and completely fluent in English. On top of all that, he is also the CEO of a popular action school. However, Lim keeps it “old school” and real, taking care of his juniors and their welfare but unable to afford a small room somewhere for himself.

Lim has a patriarchal take on society, but for Kil, who is his master’s daughter and his junior in martial arts training, he has a soft spot.

Catalyst Entertainments, Philip Lee’s management agency, explained that “Lim’s fluent command of English and athletic prowess are perfect for Lee’s role. The character’s rough alpha image and his chivalry towards his one love are factors that led to selection of Lee for this role and our high expectations for him.”

Secret Garden is a love story in the form of a fantasy melodrama, written and written by Eun Sook Kim and directed by Woo Chul Shin, the same team that brought us Lover in Paris and On Air.

Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)
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Lee Jung-jin & cast on the set of Runaway

Lee Jung-jin in character as a detective named Do-soo. Along with a subordinate played by Yoon Jin-seo, Do-soo chases Rain and Lee Na-young on an extended pursuit that takes them through a number of Asian countries.

Lee Jung-jin has played clean-cut characters in previous dramas like I Love You, Don’t Cry and 2 Outs in the Bottom of the 9th Inning, but I’ve gotta say I’m liking the scruff on him here. Rugged looks good on him.

In addition to these new photos of Lee, the other images below show the rest of the cast in less hectic moments while they’re off-duty. Aside from the three above-mentioned stars, those include Yoon Son-ha, Yoon Jin-seo, and Daniel Henney.

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