Thursday, July 1, 2010


really shocking news i read yesterday morning, was too shocked to even think, one of my all time favorites singers and actor, Park Yong Ha was found dead in his room last night, by his mother,
it was said he comitted suicide, my tears wont stop since i read the news, can't believe i wont be hearing his voice, watching him in a drama, or just see his new pics;
my condolences to his family, his friends and his fans too,
may you rest in peace Yona, i love you forever

piece of news from dramabeans:

Breaking news: Park Yong-ha was discovered dead at his Nonhyun-dong, Seoul, home on the morning of June 30. I’ll update with details if/as they become available.

I am in utter shock. WHAT?

Park Yong-ha died at the age of 32, having debuted fifteen years ago in youth shows like KBS’s 1995Love Blossoms in the Classroom and 1996’s Start. He shot to fame with 2002’s Winter Sonata, which made him a household name and a “Hallyu star.” He used that fame as a springboard a singing career in Japan, where he enjoyed quite a lot of popularity. He had a successful drama hit in 2008’s On Air, and totally stole my heart in 2009’s Story of a Man, which is one of my favorite dramas EVER.

Most recently, Park Yong-ha was cast alongside Yoon Eun-hye in the high-profile drama remake of Hong Kong film Tian Mi Mi, tentatively titled Love Song.

This is just… awful. Horrible and unexpected. Currently they are not ruling this a suicide, but that’s the foremost presumption.

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