Monday, July 26, 2010

Onew’s Cute Blunder on Inkigayo

SHINee’s dorky leader Onew does something on today’s Inkigayo that leaves fans laughing andloving him even more! What exactly did he do?

If you re-watch the performances of Up & Down and Lucifer, you won’t be able to catch Onew making any mistakes. That’s because Onew didn’t make any mistakes during the group’s live performance. On music shows, live performances are always prerecorded. While the prerecorded version is aired on television, groups normally dance on stage for fans to watch as a form of fan service.

While dancing to Lucifer for fans, Onew accidentally dropped his mic and fell! This isn’t the first time that Onew has fallen in public, as he is known for being a bit klutzy at times.

A fan was lucky enough to catch the moment on his or her camera, so without further ado, check out the video of Onew’s adorable blunder below:

Video Credit: Randy19977 @

Article credit : Kpoplive

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