Friday, April 30, 2010

Rain won Music bank for the third week

yay soo happy for Jihoonie ^^
check the vids, the performances are getting hotter, greater, kekeek

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Rain Teams Up With “Chuno” PD and Writer

The PD and writer team behind the recent hit sageuk Chuno are teaming up once again, for a modern-day drama entitled Fugitive. And the drama’s star will be none other than Hallyu sensation Rain (aka Jung Ji Hoon, aka Bi).

According to PD Kwak Jung Hwan, since Rain’s schedule is currently packed, filming will probably begin in June. KBS plans to air the drama in September or early October. PD Kwak and writer Chun Sung Il are still in the process of talking over the story, so the details are a secret for now. This is Rain’s first drama since 2005′s A Love To Kill.

I don’t know, guys. I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to bask in PD Kwak’s genius directing again so soon, but I was kinda hoping he’d work with a different writer this time. The last few episodes of Chuno were a bit of a disappointment, writing-wise (although they still had some kick-ass moments as well). Still, PD Kwak’s enough of a genius that whatever he touches will end up being good.

Rain, however…I dunno. His towering stardom overrode everything in A Love To Kill, so that it was difficult even to get into his acting (although he had some good moments in that drama). And he was majorly disappointing in I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK. Still…Kwak Jung Hwan has this ability to get the best performances out of his actors, so maybe that’ll happen for Rain as well (Jang Hyuk, anyone?). I’ll be crossing my fingers.

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SS501, Hannibal surprised transformation concept? 501-day new album released pictorial

SS501 DSP at midnight, 501day debut album to be released in May unveiled a pictorial.

SS501 Asian tour in February that 'persona' encore concert on stage, May 1, 501 was designated as day. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong of the day promised to release an album, but album cuts, part of the pictorial was revealed to the public.

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong pictorial album open all through the official website "It's not much time left ~" with a message of gratitude leaving tension and anticipation for the new album.

SS501 Official Site Open a pictorial album, there
was a hot reaction, the server was down .

SS501 The new album will be released in May.
credit Newsen/translated by me

SS501 501 day photos

woahhhhhhhhhhhhh SS501 pics for 5.01 days album are out at exactly 12pm at DSP webby, wonder what's the concept, i can see Young saeng with handcuffs ??? baby with a rose, they look dashing, ahh,
woaaa im impressed, can't wait for mooooore *die*

credit DSP/SS601

Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyung Joon, late-night meeting?

Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong met on the night of the 28 ,

The Korean Wave star Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun new Korean star and the next generation, have been meeting and talking about midnight April 28.

Each member of the firm is "close because it usually met," the meeting between Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong-joon has sparkled the fans passionate interest. The two met somewhere in Gangnam , met with his aides.
credit innolife/translated by me

wonder what they talked about, some project?? read in Liezle that BYJ has a project with JYP called "dream High "
curious curious, hoep some news will come out soon ^^

yay Gummy's MV is out

yay the MV is out, love Hyun Joong in it, soo adorable, manly, sexy, ahh, drooling here, kekeke
Hyun Joong's acting is soo nice, so natural, can't wait to his new drama, im waiting for the news, *excited*

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

28/04/2010 Rain with MBLAQ’s Joon & Mir at Starry Night Radio[Added more]

aww love this pic, Jihoonie with his kids, kekekeke
arent they adorable together?? yes yes yes kekeke
would love to see pics of Rain with Seung Ho , GO and cheondongie too ^^

Source: Park Kyung Lim’s Twitter / tohojess@absolutemblaq/six2five1982/soompi

more pics of Hyun Joong in Basic House

wohaa found more BH pics, one of my favorites Photoshoot of Leader, kekek i have many in fact

woahh a signed one, lucky lucky fan who got this *envious mode on*

credit blog smulky@daum/baidu

Join KHJ international forum KHJ Birthday and SS501 anniversary projects

let's all Join KHJ international forum projects for Kim hyun Joong birthday and the boys anniversary ^^

Kim Hyun Joong's Birthday Project

Deadline: May 20th

How to Participate:

1) Send fanmail to KHJ--> fanmail, letters, and cards etc. Remember to include your forum username on the return address section of envelope when sending fanmail/letter/card. This is so I can easily confirm whose fanmail I have received. [All fanmade items must be mailed, no emailed fanmail/letters/cards will be accepted]

2) Donate money to the project--> All donations will go toward ordering gifts, shipping & handling, and SS501's Anniversary Project

3)Post birthday messages for KHJ--> All birthday messages posted will go in a mini photobook for Kim Hyun Joong. Go here to get the details:

SS501 Anniversary Project

1) Send fanmail to SS501 members--> Fanletters, cards, etc. Remember to put your forum username in the return address section on the envelope. It will make it easier for me to confirm whose fanmail I have received.[All fanmail is to be mailed, NO emailed or electronically sent fanmail will be accepted]

2) Audition to sing for SS501 fanmade cd--> If you want to serenade the boys then audition for SS501 Anniversary cd, details on how to participate can be found here:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lee Junki to enlist for the army next week

Last week, we reported that there was a possibility that Lee Junki might have to give up on filming the drama Faith due to his army enlistment. It has been confirmed today that he has been dropped from the cast.

The reason was because Lee Junki will be enlisting for the army on May 3rd.

His agency said, “Originally, he was supposed to enlist at the end of this year so he could continue on with his acting. However, we’ve recently received word from the Office of Manpower Administration that it would be hard for him to continue on with acting. He will be enlisted into active duty on May 3rd at Choongnam Nonsan…

With his sudden enlistment, we are trying to quickly resolve his schedule for the movie he is filming now, Grand Prix. Although it appears inevitable that he will leave the movie halfway through filming, we are still looking for solutions. ”

Lee Junki is currently in Yokohama, Japan promoting his drama Hero along with actress Yoon So Yi. They are expected to return home on the 29th
credit all kpop

CNblue Leader Jung yong Hwa diagnosied with vocal nodule

ahh im sad, hope Jung Hwa will take a good rest *cry*
tried to translate the article , hope it's clear,

Cnblue leader Jung yong Hwa diagnosied with vocal nodule

in the last 21 in Seoul at open hall at SBS 'Kim Jung-eun's Chocolate' recording, and I felt more than in the neck and then he found the hospital was diagnosed with a vocal nodule.
the Nodule was discovered ininitial phase, but fortunately do not require surgery
all the scheduled stops and CNBLUE music has stopped working
CNblue album announced in mid-May will be slightly delayed

JYH need to take a break to unconditionally follow the doctor's prescription

FNC Music CNBLUE agency said that "activites in Japan and Korea, music albums are among the final tasks.
Album release schedule, but an upset stomach, but I'm glad Nodule discovered at an early stage. For the protection of artists will be given plenty of rest, "he said.
(Photo credit: FNC Music)

looked for vocal nodule in wikipedia and here what gives me, thank God they found it early , the operation will be difficult on Yong Hwa, since he's a singer, hope he'll listen to the doctor.

vocal cord nodule is a mass of tissue that grows on the vocal folds (vocal cords). Typically this mass will appear on the junction of the anterior and middle two-thirds of the vocal fold, where contact is most forceful.

A vocal cord nodule reduces or obstructs the ability of the vocal folds to create the rapid changes in air pressure which generate human speech. Symptoms include hoarseness of speech, painful speech production, frequent vocal breaks and reduced vocal range. Females are most likely to develop nodules.

The nodules appear as symmetrical swellings on both sides of the vocal cords. The cause of these formations are usually strenuous or abusive voice practices such as yelling and coughing. Persons who are often susceptible are those who use their voice constantly in a loud environment. Examples include teachers, cheerleaders, politicians, actors, preachers, and singers.


Treatment, or voice rehabilitation, usually involves vocal training, speech therapy, and, occasionally, vocal rest. In rare cases, surgery may be required.

credit bntnews/wikipedia

Hyun Joong caps and gifs from Gummy's teaser

iv made some caps from Gummy's teaser released today, and some gifs to die for,
Hyun Joong smile always brighten my days *love* ♥♥♥♥♥

here're the gifs, love his smile here, *faint*

credit nicole@legenkim

Gummy's MV teaser

love to see Hyun Joong smiling so brightly, but the song looks sad, hmm, count down till 29th, yay excited to watch the MV

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

spazzing on black

awesome shots of Leader in black outfit, love love love


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