Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain sick cold with fever, *cry*

omy, hope Jihoonie is resting, no schedule please today, lot of fatigue, after recording Mcountdown, please take care of yourself Jihoonie *cry*
tried to translate the article, some sentences came weird, miane

translated by me credit to naver news

Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon), a severe cold with fever after the performance and stability has taken occasion to rest.

Rain on the 22 Sangam PM CJ E & M Center at the cable channel Mnet 'Countdown' love song' back down from the stage after a pre-recorded performers sat in the waiting room.

Suffered from a severe cold coming down the scheduled day after undergoing pre-recorded show on a regular basis as soon as the pain in the midst of the waiting room and agency officials called paramedics.

The ratio of all currently exported without official occasion to rest in the waiting room alone is taking a stable condition.

Rain agency official said, "Every day after practice with back and a tight schedule when I get back to the fire and with Japan show that seems he accumulated fatigue " he said.

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