Friday, April 16, 2010

SBS news on Hyun Joong watching el classico on 10/04

waaa, SBS news talked about me, waaa, even screencaps of my blog, this one, yes yes, im soo happy, byu now Leader and the boys must know me, kekeke, maybe even took a look here, *dancing with joy*
Boys if you're reading this, fighting, can't wait till may 1st, love you ^^

credit faith2714 aka me ^^


  1. Felicitacionesーーーーーー!!!!
    Su trabajo es espléndido!
    Fui impresionado!!
    Gracias por una fotografía maravillosa!
    Introduje un homepage, también.

    Ponga el amor de Japón…♪

    Estoy pobre en español…Lo siento

  2. thanks a lot for your comment hinata ^^
    you're welcome
    gracias ^^

  3. Sorry……
    It has written panicking in not English but Spanish.

    Thank you for teaching the wonderful piece of information.

    Morocco and Japan……
    I think can the talk of hyun joong to be glad^^

  4. it's ok dear ^^
    puedes escribir in espanol, no hay problema ^^
    gracias por el commentt ^^