Thursday, April 29, 2010

Join KHJ international forum KHJ Birthday and SS501 anniversary projects

let's all Join KHJ international forum projects for Kim hyun Joong birthday and the boys anniversary ^^

Kim Hyun Joong's Birthday Project

Deadline: May 20th

How to Participate:

1) Send fanmail to KHJ--> fanmail, letters, and cards etc. Remember to include your forum username on the return address section of envelope when sending fanmail/letter/card. This is so I can easily confirm whose fanmail I have received. [All fanmade items must be mailed, no emailed fanmail/letters/cards will be accepted]

2) Donate money to the project--> All donations will go toward ordering gifts, shipping & handling, and SS501's Anniversary Project

3)Post birthday messages for KHJ--> All birthday messages posted will go in a mini photobook for Kim Hyun Joong. Go here to get the details:

SS501 Anniversary Project

1) Send fanmail to SS501 members--> Fanletters, cards, etc. Remember to put your forum username in the return address section on the envelope. It will make it easier for me to confirm whose fanmail I have received.[All fanmail is to be mailed, NO emailed or electronically sent fanmail will be accepted]

2) Audition to sing for SS501 fanmade cd--> If you want to serenade the boys then audition for SS501 Anniversary cd, details on how to participate can be found here:

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