Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shin Hye Sung June 6 /7 solo concert, his first concert in Japan

aww one of my favorite singers, Shin Hye Sung is having two concerts in Japan in June, lucky lucky japanese, hope more success to Hye Sung, i just love his voice ♥♥♥♥

Shin Hye Sung Shinhwa singer, his first solo concert in Japan.

Shin Hye Sung will have two concert this coming June 6, 7, at KAIST Tokyo Yurakucho , the second solo concert will be at the Tokyo International Forum Hall . Officially debuted in Japan last February after the first solo showcase
"Find voice in song" and had lot of interest.

credit Neswen, and my broken translation, kekeke


  1. love this guy ♥♥♥ such a beautiful voice ♥♥♥

    thanx dear for the article ^^

  2. yee beautiful voice ^^
    you're welcome, thanks for the comment ^^

  3. Shin Hye-Sung Jjang!Hye-sung oppa Fighting! Shinhwa Jjang!!!!

  4. Everything, my hyesung oppa do is the Best! Shin Hye-Sung, love you, GO!!!