Monday, April 12, 2010

Rain Hot performances on Music core and SBS Inkigayo 10/04- 11/04

ok i know i m late in posting this, i needed my breath first, kekekek
Jihoonie is getting hotter and hotter by performance, omy, i don't know how much i watched and rewatched these vids,
too bad wont be present next week in the music shows, since he has LOR in Japan, or will he record the shows before traveling to Japan?? wondering about that,
wont miss tomorrow Jihoonie in Win Win, counting down already kekeke
lucky japanese by the way,^^

ok enough talk, watchand enjoy, and don't forget to breath, kekeke

MBC Music Core 10/04/2010

credit TheAMFSandy5

credit ratoka

SBS Inkigayo 11/04/2010

credit TheAMFSandy5


  1. Nice awesome vids!!! love them all...rain is super hot and drooling sexy body!!!

  2. right right ^^, thanks dearie for the comment