Friday, April 23, 2010

SS501 on the way to Japan 23/04

SS501 went to Japan today, they have a concert on the 25th at Saitama arena for Hallyufan card event, they look gorgeous in black and Mal in that outfit waa gorgeous gorgeous, Leader came late with his manager they had to rush inside, that's why no pic of Him with the boys in these first pics,
short hair, except for Leader, hmm made me more excited to know the new concept for 501 album, to be released on May 1st,

love this pic
sexy back of sexy charisma ^^
short hair suit him too, awww melting
leader in cap, why hiding your beautiful hair, semes to hide his face too
wonder why?? probably just tired
Prince Young Saeng in shades,
the hair cut suit him too, aww love his outfit too
sexy Kyu in Leather, shades and hat, pure hotness *faint*
baby baby you know you're a baby ^^
love him in shades, and that cute mickey mouse tshirt, adorable^^
credit Miseong/Hestory/Pentacle/Prettyboy/Pheronim/Cyworld/Baidu

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  1. my two favs look astonishing kkkk well to be honest all of them DO look astonishing kkkk