Saturday, April 10, 2010

2pm and Kara Spris fanmeeting 10/04/10

1200 fans were there, that's great, i tried to translate an article, hehe sound weird, but still understandable,

In the April 10, 2PM and Kara had a fanmeeting , a total of 1,200 fans attended , this event is jointly organized by the Spris and Lesmore , their voices were also at the scene, performances. The fans have a chance to participate in the competition , it is a rare opportunity. And they could play games with their idols, take signature, watch the show, so very enthusiastic to participate.

2PM since January after the end of promotional activities and is expected to soon comeback rarely performed, for the first time they met at a show and ang Spris song "Crazy4S" and Kara also performed "Lupin"

From: kpopsoul/baidu

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