Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong in Barcelona ^^

wow saw this day coming, Hyun Joong is Europe, in Spain, can't wait to see him here too, hehe , im greedy, why only europeans :(
read many fancams of the arrival of Kim Hyun Joong to Barcelona yesterday, he landed at 22:00, i was glad to see many fans were there to welcome him in Spain, too bad the mean manager spoiled the moment with his pushing , can't believe how rude he is, i saw fancams and my god he's getting over the limit, i guess he was surprised to see many fans in the airport, but it's not a solution to push and roll on a fan with the luggage cart, tsk tsk, should be fired,
Hyun Joong mustv been tired from the long travel, couldn't see his face well, but it was nice of him to accept gifts and letters,
read in some blogs, the fans were disappointed that he didn't wave or smile to them, well guess he was surprised and tired, and plus he usually don't smile a lot in airport, specially after a very long and tiring travel, i understand him, and fans should too
read he'll stay one week, doing photoshoot and rest too, how i wish im there to stalk him, hehe, but it wont be easy, Madrid is very big, huge from what my brother told me, he was there last year,
wonder if laeder will have time to fly to Madrid watch the classico, hmm, rumors said he will, should have a stalker at the stadium hehe, instead of watching he'll be scanning with the camera the audience, hehe
he may even visit the famous Santiago bernabeu later like my brother did with the tour bus ,but i guess assisting to a match there will be much better, the atmosphere will be thrilling for him, fan of siccer as him ^^
read from a translation in KHJ international forum crediting Jay and Yunha the concept is to
"bring back a manly Spanish attraction for Hyun Joong
" omy can't wait to see the pics from the photoshoot, imagining too,
so what is the manly spanish attraction???

Enrique Iglesias or Ricky martin o david bisbal??? that what i thought when i read many spanish attraction, even if Ricky isn't exactly spanish, hehe
need to look around spanish sites to understand the real meaning, hehe
be back

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