Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lee Junki to enlist for the army next week

Last week, we reported that there was a possibility that Lee Junki might have to give up on filming the drama Faith due to his army enlistment. It has been confirmed today that he has been dropped from the cast.

The reason was because Lee Junki will be enlisting for the army on May 3rd.

His agency said, “Originally, he was supposed to enlist at the end of this year so he could continue on with his acting. However, we’ve recently received word from the Office of Manpower Administration that it would be hard for him to continue on with acting. He will be enlisted into active duty on May 3rd at Choongnam Nonsan…

With his sudden enlistment, we are trying to quickly resolve his schedule for the movie he is filming now, Grand Prix. Although it appears inevitable that he will leave the movie halfway through filming, we are still looking for solutions. ”

Lee Junki is currently in Yokohama, Japan promoting his drama Hero along with actress Yoon So Yi. They are expected to return home on the 29th
credit all kpop

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  1. oh my!! so soooooon?? i havent yet had enough of him *snif* 2 years without him is too much aaaaaaaahhhhh