Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain marks his return with #1 on M! Countdown

It’s been a while, but the moment has finally arrived. After finally releasing his special comeback album, one of Korea’s top original megastars Rain returns to the k-pop scene and makes his live comeback performance with Hip Song and Love Song on M! Countdown!

Originally set to release his album on April 1st, Rain had pushed back the release date by a week out of respect for the naval ship tragedy.

But now it’s his time to shine once again.

Rain’s Love Song is not your typical dance track that involves him removing his shirt as sweat trickles down his gorgeous body. Instead, Rain went with a ballad because he believed that since it’s a special album, the title track should be even more special. Watch as Rain perform for the first time in two years.

And it was some return as Rain outfought last week’s winner, 2AM and claimed his first trophy since releasing his album on M! Countdown tonight!

credit allkpop/naver

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