Sunday, April 11, 2010

guess who i found between the spectators?????

^^ yes it's Hyun Joong, after a long search between 80,000 spectators in the stadium Bernabeu, remember he was spotted by fans at the entrance of the stadium, cos he assisted to the famous classico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona yesterday, take a look at this pic:

credit photo originally from :

did u recognize him?? yes, so check this pic:
sitting with his manager and translator, watching the match ^^


he was sitting so near the filed, and saw his fav players up close ^^

what 's your reaction, huhu??
comment please ^^

how did i spot Kim Hyun Joong???

i saw in, "how do you spot yourslef in the stadium", a zooming huge pic of the whole stadium, so i decided to look for KHJ, firstly i had to found out from which gate he entered, then i which spot he might be in, remember the stadium is for 80,000 people, so it wasn't easy, it took me some 10 minutes to spot him amongst a lot of spectators wearing the same shirt.but i did it, youpiii, proud of myself, i was giggling all the time kekeke

Pics of his location
see the HJ and circle, kekeke
cap from the match kekeke

official pics, the stadium without people
credit marca/RM/youku


  1. hahaha! Imane, you have eagle's eyes, thanks for sharing... Love the pictures, Leader is so serious and intently watching the game. Love you.

  2. hehe yee when it's comes to Kim Hyun joong, my eyes are wide open, hehehe
    you're welcome dearie, thanks for the comment
    love ya too ^^

  3. moonlightcreatureApril 11, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    AWWW im loving it ...hes so cute!!! he loves soccer/football as i call it...hyun joongie oppa u shall watch a game with me sometimes!!!LOLOLOL

  4. you've great eyes imane! thanks for sharing! btw, he can easily spotted if you're only looking for a particular person. he shines amongst the rest.


  5. moon, liezle, thanks for the comments, hehe he really shines among the rest ^^

  6. hahha.. he really shines... bright eyes dear..
    miss u.. mmwaaahhhh..

  7. yee he did ^^
    miss u too dearie

  8. Incredible girl, I don´t have words xDDDDDDDDDDDDD thanks for your efforts xDDD

  9. Ahhh so lucky and you have good eyes !!!!!
    The three were really obvious with those t-shirts jejeje

    Thanks :D

  10. hehe thanks dear ^^
    one needs good eyes when Hyun Joong is involved, hehehe

  11. Just WOW! Amazing. You can spot him. Is there any vid cut for this?
    Send this to hyunjoong, he would be so damn happy his moment captured by official broadcast (?) too and of course surprised bcoz u can spotted him. Thx so much mariposa..

  12. Wow~ great!!! speechless~~
    Thank you dear ^^


  13. thanks for sharing!!

  14. Watch this game last night ...
    but not able to spot him ..hehe
    Front seat?? must be super expensive ticket
    He must to watch the game @ Madrid ^^

    Thanks for sharing Imane

  15. hehe watched it too,
    yee must'v been happy to watch the match live
    you're welcome dear ^^

  16. wowwww loving really had good eyes when it comes to Leader...thanks so much for sharing...I think Leader is even cuter when watching his fav sports ....ha..ha..ha..Lol

  17. thank you very much for sharing, Imane/Mariposa ^^

    did he really shine or the cameraman was captivated by his charm among 80k specs? kkk

    i'm wondering if he screamed, shouted or cheered while watching like most football fanatics *ahhh that must be super cute then*

    1st time visited your blog and yeah i like it ^^

  18. Imane,you're amazing !
    Thank you so much for sharing this ^ ^

  19. you're welcome girls, check i edited my post, more explanation in it, ^^

  20. Wow, you are amazing!

  21. woah now i know how you did it. i first thought the cameramen randomly captured him among the spectators *sorry for the misunderstanding neh ^^*

    you're amazing to be able to find him! it must have taken a lot of efforts! thank you thank you!

    why do i find the circle you mark and the text HJ on the pics so cute ^^

  22. Imane, you know what, I actually got them while I was checking the HD vids on the YT. But too small to tell.

    anyway, you are awesome!

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  24. @Harley it's ok dearie ^^
    thanks a lot, hehe was fun looking at him in the crowd, since i knew he entred from gate C, the search was cut in half, hehe
    @momo hehe yee it's hard to find in the vid, i tried it too, the vids werent HQ so i had hard time finiding him, but i could take a cap ^^
    thanks for your sweets comments everyone ^^

  25. Amazing! Good job in spotting him! Thanks! :)

  26. wow .. you are pretty amazing!
    when there is a will, there is a way!
    totally in awe!
    whats the chance of finding him in a packed stadium?
    and you did it!!
    thank you so much for sharing ...
    nice knowing that he is also a "fan",
    normal like us!

    first time visiting your blog .. pretty cool!

  27. Dang got some sharp eyes there! Shall I call you eagle eyes from now! Thanks so much for sharing...pretty cool!

  28. Thanks for sharing Imane ^^
    You do have an eagle eye ^^

  29. Wow!! Imane, It's amazing, well done!
    Thanks for sharing

  30. you know, his spanish trip is proving to be looooooooooots more exciting than i'd ever imagined! i had even naively thought this week could be a slow week that i could relax and not worry about missing news, pics and clips about hyun joong... now how on earth did i get THAT idea?! *.*

    much thanks for sharing, eagle eyes indeed ^.^

  31. @ kate, khjfan you're welcome dearies ^^
    thanks for the comment, Nacy, Cecil, latigre, bb i thought the week will be slow too, but the spanish fans are amazing, they have many resources, even found out which hotel he's staying in, you're welcome,
    love my new nick, kekeke eagle eyes ^^

  32. The thruth is that the manager said that he and Hyunjoong were wearing Madrid t-shirts because they were in Madrid, but they like Barcelona and the manager also likes Messi =p

    I'm one lucky fan who was there with the girl who took the pic and my sister recorded a video too.

    Imane how did you find him with so many people there? O.o You really have eagle eyes ^^

  33. Imane-ssi, you're famous...^^
    reported on korean portal news
    4th paragraph onwards
    translate some netizens comment for you
    "That person who found him amidst those photos is really something", "to the extend of finding him like that, HJ would be scared (to know of) too"
    I was going, Omo

  34. @ blue akane ohh really,waa so he's a fan of Barcelona, thought he was fan of RM sinc he wore their shirt,
    soo nice, did she upload the vid in YT?? would love to see it ^^
    he wanted to merge between people, too bad i spotted him kekeke
    hehe i was lucky they were wearing the same colour, so i focused on the white shirts hehe

    @ ode thanks a lot for the translation, soo cool, ^^ reported in DC news, im happy, kekeke
    glad to see you here

  35. This fancam is from before he puts his RM shirt on, in the supermarket which is next to the stadium. ^^

  36. OMG girl, your discovery is being written up in so many articles... I saw 4 different k-news portal write about it LOL Anyway, the fact that they tried to blend in by wearing Real Madrid Shirts made it much easier for you to spot ironic XDDD

  37. blue akane, can't seem to open the vid,

    JDN thanks for the commment, waa so nice,i saw a post in daum too, kekeke

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