Monday, April 26, 2010

SS501 'Korean Wave Fan Cards' first starring performances

read that the boys enjoyed the concert, lot of fun, laughter and acting skills, kekee,
waa 6000 fans attended that 's great ^^, hopefully some pics will came out, even if it wasnt allowed to take pics at the superarena
tried to translate aan article about the concert, hehe the translation sounds weird, but still understandable, kekeke

popular combination of SS501 in the "Korean Wave FAN CARD" , magnificent performances.

25 in Japan saitama superarena performance stage, the X-NEXTELECOM by Korea and Japan co-hosted the largest website YAHOO "Korean Wave FANCARD" first performed "SS501 Concert" brought together about 6,000 fans.

By the popular song "Love Like This" kicked off the SS501 Speaking "for the first time to participate in the activities performed very honored," and that "spent HAPPY SUNDAY" and so on, one after another concert of the "again" and the Japanese version of Reying The "Boys" theme song "Creating Love" and other popular songs, the enthusiasm of the audience lit.

By the Jin Kuizong the "Wuss Up" began Solo unit, Young Saeng singing band "Zard" masterpiece "Do not give up" and so on, fully demonstrated the strength of players singing.

Another vote by the fans of "SS501 ranked image" in the first won by the team leader Kim Hyun regain.
credit nate

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