Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Philip Lee to work with Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden, SBS’s new weekend series

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Seoul, Korea – Actor Philip Lee will play the role of a man head-over-heels in love with Ha Ji Won’s character in a new SBS series to air on weekends.

Lee, who has played some very colorful roles in the past, including parts in The Legend and A Man’s Story, is back in the spotlight with SBS’s new series Secret Garden, written by Eun Sook Kim and directed by Woo Cheol Shin.

Philip Lee plays the role of a martial arts director who introduced Hollywood-style martial arts action to the Korean film industry and is Kil Ra Im’s martial arts master. Kil Ra Im is played by Ha Ji Won.

In the series, Lim is Korea’s take on Hugh Jackman, with well-toned musculature and darkly tanned skin, who is proficient in action scenes and completely fluent in English. On top of all that, he is also the CEO of a popular action school. However, Lim keeps it “old school” and real, taking care of his juniors and their welfare but unable to afford a small room somewhere for himself.

Lim has a patriarchal take on society, but for Kil, who is his master’s daughter and his junior in martial arts training, he has a soft spot.

Catalyst Entertainments, Philip Lee’s management agency, explained that “Lim’s fluent command of English and athletic prowess are perfect for Lee’s role. The character’s rough alpha image and his chivalry towards his one love are factors that led to selection of Lee for this role and our high expectations for him.”

Secret Garden is a love story in the form of a fantasy melodrama, written and written by Eun Sook Kim and directed by Woo Chul Shin, the same team that brought us Lover in Paris and On Air.

Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TV Report DB
Translated by Abe Jung / Korea.com

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