Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rain fans a staff member

A photo taken on the set of the upcoming KBS drama, Fugitive, has become a hot issue among netizens. Among the photos that have been released through the drama’s webpage, this particular photo has attracted much attention because, in the photo, Rain is seen fanning a female staff member.

It appears that the staff member who posted the picture on the website is a fan of Rain. She expressed,

I’m revealing this for those who have been thirsty for a picture of Jihoon! Jihoon taking care of a staff member even when he must have been hot himself! Kind fanning in addition to eye contact! I feel like I can feel the girl in the photo’s heart from here.”

Netizens have commented, “Has the woman in the picture saved the world in her past life? How did her get such good fortune,” “I like his style. Certainly actor Jung is a star among stars,” and “Day by day, I am looking forward to Fugitive’s release. Fugitive daebak!

Stay tuned to see Rain with an all-star cast, including Lee Na Young and Daniel Henney, in their drama, Fugitive, which is expected to air its first episode at the end of September!

credit allkpop

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