Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kim Jihoon’s final photo shoot before enlistment

ahhh im gonna miss him soo much

Actor Kim Jihoon (29) revealed his “Hello TV” pictorial before he’s scheduled to enlist for his active duty on October 4th. As the cover actor for the October release, Kim Jihoon showed his emotional side to the informal title “No More Tears”. The photographer for the “The Man from Nowhere (Mr.)” poster,Kim Young Joon, collaborated with the actor to capture Jihoon’s tears, agony, and solemnity in each photos.

Kim Jihoon revealed in his interview, “My complexion leaves a strong impression to directors. Most cast requests involve lawyers or CEO for a company. Being solidified to a character can kill an actor’s career, I want to break my ‘first impression’ when I return.”

Kim Jihoon received the enlistment notice the day before Chuseok but in his words he’s, “proud as a Korean citizen to serve my nation”. He continued, “I had a tireless acting career with no time to look back upon myself. I’ll reflect on myself as I serve our nation.”

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