Friday, December 31, 2010

MBLAQ’s Seungho and G.O share their hopes for 2011

MBLAQ members Seungho and G.O, who were both born in the Year of the Rabbit, wished everyone good luck through their New Year greetings.
“Considering how next year is the Year of the Rabbit, both the MBLAQ members and I will work harder to make great leaps. Happy New Year,” expressed Seungho.
Seungho also requested for everyone’s support of their upcoming new album. “MBLAQ’s first full-length album will be released next year. We have confidence that we won’t disappoint.”
G.O also added, “We’ve been filming the MV until the last day of 2010. Despite staying up all night, none of the members forgot to smile and perform our best. We have a good feeling about this. In 2011, MBLAQ will be releasing our first full album, and we will be undergoing even more promotional activities as we advance into Japan. To everyone who took care of MBLAQ, ‘Happy New Years.”
On December 29th, MBLAQ unveiled their first teaser for their comeback through online sites, and are scheduled to simultaneously release their album and music video for “Cry” on January 3rd, 2011.
Source: Economic Today via Nate/Allkpop

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