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Gummy - Talk's About SS501 Hyun Joong for "As A Man" MV - TVN News

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Gummy – As a Man MV interview

Reason for inviting HJL to shoot in the MV? Is it because of friendship?

However rumors said Gummy & HJL are a couple.

HJL who starred in “As A Man” MV, let us confirm his friendship between he & Gummy.

(Gummy shorten as G)

G: All along HJL & I are good friends since the past. Because we have to find a specialized actor to film the MV which is not as easy as it is, some were even rejected immediately. So we asked HJL who is really tight on his schedule. He immediately accepted it. But the day before shooting the MV, SS501 has some shooting going on as well. HJL shot until 12 midnight then went back home and put on some makeup and immediately rushed to shoot my MV. Next day, he has to stay up all night shooting then immediately fly straight to Japan to have a concert, which I have to apologize to him.

HJL is a loyalty guy, why the friendship with Gummy is so well?
G: HJL was introduced to me through Jae Joong of DBSK, we have a lot in commons, and our passion for music is very strong too. When there are problems which we won’t share it to others. We even chatted with different variety types of topics, so in long term, our friendship has gotten close with each other.

Prince HJL, will go for a drink together with Gummy?

G: We went for a drink in the past, not anymore lately… because I have to exercise so I can’t drink. That is why I seldom meet HJL together with other friends anymore. But it is also because everyone loves drinking. So we seldom meet except if there are functions going on (laughs).

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