Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lee Joon Gi off to the army

today Lee Joon Gi enlisted to the army at 2pm Korean time, waa so many pic inthe news prtals, my hands hurt, keke
im sad today, will miss My Jun so much, too bad he had to drop from both the movie and the drama, the count down start now, 2 years from now, it's 2012
he looks adorable with that hair cut, ^^
500 overseas fans came to send him off, he was overwhelmed and shed some tears, he'll have basic training in the five weeks after the placement, is expected to take approximately 22 months serving.

credit on pic

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  1. im gonna miss my Kay *snif snif*

    he's looking young & fresh in that outfit & haircut, not that im complaining kkk