Sunday, May 23, 2010

SS501 breath taking pics at Dream concert 22/05

SS501 looked amazing in their black suits yesterday at the Dream concert, loved the performances, they sang "Haruman" from Rebirth album, and a new song, "let me be the one", totaly loved it, can't wait to listen to the whole album.
the boys was moved to tears by the warm and inconditional support of Triple S who were assisting to the concert and who were lot and when i say a lot it's not a small number, the filled their assigned section and even reached other section with dead seats, read that even the others group and idols fans were sheering, this made me cry, wish i was there to support them also,
looots of everlasting love and support for my adorlable and amazing boys, miss you a lot,
credit Weolcheok

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  1. been so long since the last time we saw them on stage , they're shining as always ^^ love Mal & YSaeng's outfits most ^^

    cant wait for the album ^^