Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rain said to be “A-list” star in America

Throughout the years, only a few Asian actors have been able to break through into Hollywood and become acknowledged as a top actor. However, it looks like singer/actor Rain, a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon, was able to be accepted as an ‘A- list’ actor, thanks mostly to the success of his debut American movie, Ninja Assassin.

“I didn’t know Rain would be considered an actor in the Hollywood’s A-list. I heard that a representative for one of America’s most well known movie distributors said Rain is part of the actors’ A-list though,”said An Hyung Soo, the producer of KBS 2TV’s ‘Fugitive‘. He further explained that Jung Ji Hoon is considered to be on the same level as actor Jackie Chan.

The producer continued, “I was able to realize Jung Ji Hoon’s status as an actor after meeting with a representative of an American distributor to discuss overseas distributions for ‘Fugitive’.”

Jung Ji Hoon took the lead role in the Hollywood blockbuster “Ninja Assassin” in 2009, and was also part of the supporting cast of the kids movie, ‘Speed Racer’, back in 2008. Because of the great success of ‘Ninja Assassin’, the possibilities for broadcasting of the drama ‘Fugitive’ in America are expected to be high.

Source: Sports Korea/Allkpop

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