Friday, November 5, 2010

Tim prepares for a winter comeback with Yiruma

Tim, the singer behind popular love song, “I Love You,” has made his return after a three year hiatus through November’s issue of “High Cut“.

The magazine features a photoshoot titled “Acoustic TIM” and centers around the ballad singer’s smooth charisma. He’s shown wearing a plaid shirt, military jackets, long coats, and other pieces indicative of a thoughtful, yet handsome musician.

Some of the images even gave off the feel of a intimate mini-concert, as Tim performed for the staff with his own guitar during the middle of the shoot.

Tim is currently preparing for his winter comeback with renown Korean pianist and composerYiruma. We’re actually quite excited about this collaboration, as both Tim and Yiruma are musicians known for elevating the emotions of their audience.

Tim’s photoshoot can be found in its entirety through High Cut’s official website.

Source: Sports Chosun
Photos: High Cut

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