Monday, November 29, 2010

SS501’s Park Jung Min visits Kim Hyung Joon at his musical set

awww so sweet of mal, love him ^^

SS501′s Park Jung Min recently visited fellow member Kim Hyung Joon at his musical, where they snapped a photo together and documented their close friendship.

On November 28th, Park Jung Min attended the ‘Caffeine‘ musical to show his support for his fellow SS501 member. The idol also presented Hyung Joon with a humidifier as a surprise gift, showing the close brotherhood between each other.

Park Jung Min sent a tweet to Hyung Joon on the 26th which read, “Hey~! You’re doing well, right? I’m going to go and watch you so you better be nervous! I don’t know when I’m gonna watch~! I might not watch it either…Or I might even just send 6 pans of pizza!”

When Hyung Joon replied, “Come Come Come~”, Jung Min replied, “I see you’ve gained confidence! That’s good! I’m not going to tell you when I’m going to watch~! So that you don’t need to stress!”

Source: Star News/allkpop

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