Tuesday, January 11, 2011

U-KISS flying to Taiwan for the ‘2010 [V] Chinese TOP Year Awards’

aww lucky taiwanese, glad to see UKISS soo active, they deserve more attention, ^^

U-KISS is scheduled to make an appearance on a Taiwanese broadcast this coming January 13th.
U-KISS, who consists of members that can speak Japanese, English, and Chinese, will be arriving at the Taoyuan Airport at approximately 2:45 PM on the 13th in order to be on time for their appearance at the ‘2010 [V] Chinese TOP Year Awards Concert’ at 6 PM on the same day.
Fans have been busily preparing for their group’s arrival with bright-colored balloons and fluorescent light sticks to meet them directly at the airport. It’s been reported that there are even fans who are roaming the airport to ensure themselves a good view of the members the moment they arrive.
U-KISS are greatly known for their fan-service, especially amongst overseas fans. Recently, when the group arrived in Singapore, the members did not show a care for their image and entertained fans with personal talents such as sticking coins inside their nose.
Source: TV Daily via Daum Media/allkpop

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