Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MBLAQ charms with their debonair shoot for “Vogue”

The boys of MBLAQ participated in their first photoshoot since their comeback, and they’ve shed their ‘dark concept’ in favor of a crisp and natural look for “Vogue” magazine.
The Vogue team sought to draw out the mature men behind the pop idols, and decided that the best way to do it was to focus on natural light and minimal props. Against such a backdrop, the boys became quite relaxed and delivered a photoshoot that could only be described as ‘debonair’.
A representative commented, “MBLAQ has the best proportions out of all of the other idol groups, so their charms really stood out throughout the photoshoot. Even though they were seen joking around, they immediately settled down and handled their interviews in a serious manner.

Lead vocalist G.O. mused, “A band is created by adding members of specific positions, but idol groups are pieced together with members the agency feels are right for a certain image, so the public probably feels overwhelmed when they first see an idol group. Amidst all that, we worked hard in trying to bring out who we were, and we always try to remember that communication with the public is important.
MBLAQ’s full interview and eight-page photoshoot can be seen in the February edition of “Vogue.”

Credit: Newsen via Nateallkpop

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