Sunday, January 16, 2011

MBLAQ delivers an impressive interview about their growth as a group

proud of Mblaq, they improved soo much, love the new album ; all tracks are awesome ^^

After a long hiatus from the music industry, MBLAQ made an impressive return with their double title tracks, “Stay” and “Cry“.
The boys recently sat down for an interview with Osen, and gave thoughtful responses to questions about their growth.
G.O. began, “The one thing that’s changed the most with this promotion is that it’s focused more on the melody now.  Before, we were produced according to a specific performance style that made our choreography stand out more than our songs. Now the ratio of the importance of singing to dancing is 7:3. We hope that this will allow us to step a bit closer to the public.
Regarding their independence from RainMir continued, “Jihoon (Rain)-hyung told us to learn how to become independent. Now that it’s been a year since our debut, he wanted us to show a unique color of our own through this first official album.  At first, we were worried since we were used to being dependent on him, but working through things one by one helped a lot.  The opportunity allowed us to mature and improve ourselves.”
The reporter then asked about the fierce competition amongst rival boy bands, to which Seunghoresponded, “At the time of our debut, we failed to live up to the expectations created around our hype. We’ve also gone through a long hiatus, but it’s helped us think differently. Idol groups tend to release consecutive albums without rest in order to stay in the spotlight, but we’d rather take the time to fix what we lacked when our promotion ends. We want to become singers who last for a long time, so it’s important that we pay attention to these things right from the start.  I just want to hear that we’ve improved.”
G.O. continued, “We weren’t impatient with ourselves in the competition against other groups.  In order to focus better on our album production, we cut back on broadcast appearances and created a sort of tunnel to communicate with the public and to make sure that our songs were delivered properly.”
Seungho concluded, “All in all, we just want to hear that we paid attention to our music a lot.  As much as we work to take one step closer to the public with our music, I hope the public looks after our efforts in return.”
Source + Photos: Osen via Daum/allkpop

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